The Unknown Magazine Issue Four: Oh Brother - Page 7

“All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” - Friedrich Nietzsche Perception. The crux of reality. Your mind’s endless endeavor to experience the truth. Plucking away at layers of infinite possibilities, forever filtering. At any point in time, you are a product of all you have experienced. A culmination of the experience that you have sieved and stored. All with one underlying purpose; to find truth. There is a truth in the fabric of reality. You can’t see it, yet you know it’s there, you can feel it, lingering, a moment from reach. You ache to find it, to hear, smell and touch it, just a taste would do. You often wait and watch, nothing happens. Yet in every breath you feel its presence growing, morphing into something real and just as you think you see it piercing through … it vanishes, evaporating into the unknown once more. To perceive it seems impossible. Then, without provocation, it suddenly materializes, swiftly interlacing the scene around you, pulsing through you, soaking your very existence, saturating everything you know. You stop to embrace the moment, and realize; this truth is an impulse, it’s fake, it is as much a fabrication of your imagination as the process by which you try to understand it. Truth is nothing but a word. Perception is truth. I often look over images of vast landscapes of wild and beautiful terrain, and harsh environments. I catch myself staring for lengths of time at a single frame; a black mountain, a deep valley, a desolate snowy plain, an ocean sur face; they seize my mind and imagination. If I’ve ever experienced the image with another sense; felt the cold of a snowstor m, the power of a breaking wave, and the fear on a cliff edge, then my body also reacts. How strange. Our environment sometimes seems as much at the mercy of how we feel, as we are of how it makes us feel. It’s all in your head, really. In this age it can be a challenge to find that exposure in the elements, the importance has been subdued, though we will always crave it, we need it to feel alive. What could be more important? Dangling from a cliff edge, swimming out into the deep sea, plowing through a blizzard, what realities they are! I began recreating environments on paper with pencil, to inspire and experiment with these sensations on a purely visual plane. I see a drawing of a sheer v