The University of Georgia Costa Rica 2014-2015 Sustainability Report UGA Costa Rica 2014 - 2015 Sustainability Report - Page 31

Kathryn Ingall (2014) and Alex Fylypovych (2015) served as the two most recent Photojournalism Interns, responsible for maintaining the UGA Costa Rica blog, coordinating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media postings, and assisting with filming and production of special projects such as the educational video series, “Virtual Classroom,” and the cultural preservation videos produced during the past two years. Olivia Stockert (2014) and Rachel Durham (2015) served as the Landscape Architecture Interns, responsible for assisting with on-site design and build projects as well as carrying out their own independent research projects. Olivia studied the historical and demographic patterns of medicinal plant use in San Luis as a UGA Center for Undergraduate Alex Fylypovych Photojournalism Intern (2015) As the photojournalism intern, Alex was responsible for documenting the daily events happening both on and off campus through her photographs and writing. Research (CURO) fellow. Rachel is carrying out her master’s thesis on the use of anaerobic digesters for waste water treatment and biogas production, all while helping UGA Costa Rica develop a funding proposal to expand the installation of biodigesters throughout the Bellbird Biological Corridor. The Sustainable Agriculture Interns—Evan Seine (2013), Danielle Schwartz (2014), and Lauren Fedenia (2015)—are responsible for helping manage a one acre vegetable plot and the stables on campus. Additionally, the sustainable agriculture interns help to lead educational activities related to sustainable agriculture production on campus. Resident Naturalist Interns provide a wealth of knowledge on campus, serving as a resource to all students and guests and Danielle Schwartz Sustainable Agriculture Intern (2014) In this position, Danielle helped manage all activites related to the farm. She also gave both farm and milking tours to student and tourist groups. routinely guiding daytime and nighttime natural history tours, offering plant, insect, and mammal talks, leading sustainability tours, carbon offset discussions, birding activities, and providing translation for off-campus educational activities. Members of the Resident Naturalist team spanning June 2013 – May 2015 include: Katie Lutz (2013), Roxann Vistocci (2013), Alex Wright (2013), Emily Deitchler (2013–2014), Jamie Alfieri (2013–2014), Lillie Kline (2013–2014), Caley Zuzula (2014), Sarah Kelehear (2014), Gina Gilson (2014–2015), Regan Fink (2014–2015), Hannah Durick (2015), Theodora Panayides (2015), Louise Beveridge (2014– 2015), Jessica Murray (2015), George Lin (2015), Mackenzie Wing (2015), Sandy Neps (2015) and Hannah Whitfield (2015). Theodora Panayides Resident Naturalist (2015) Theodora served as a wealth of information to students and tourists visiting the UGACR campus. 2014 – 2015 Sustainability Report 31