The University of Georgia Costa Rica 2014-2015 Sustainability Report UGA Costa Rica 2014 - 2015 Sustainability Report - Page 22

Total Annual Carbon Offsets from Reforestation Program (tonnes of CO2 emissions) Total Annual Carbon Emissions (offsets in tonnes of CO2) 25% 325.64 - 77.99 50% 217.09 30.56 75% 108.54 139.11 Mortality Rate Just as in the previous carbon footprint assessment, the vast majority of carbon offsets stem from the trees planted through the reforestation program, with the carbon fixation rate estimated based on location, surrounding land use, life zone category, and the assumed 25% mortality rate. Even though precautions are taken to help ensure the survival of trees, not every one survives to maturity. Since over 34,000 trees have been planted, the potential variation in total carbon fixated may be high. In the future, when enough data has been collected through the reforestation monitoring program, results will be more accurate. To provide multiple scenarios, we have calculated carbon offsets by percentage while employing a 25, 50, and 75% mortality rate. Which scenario is used has a significant impact on whether or not UGA Costa Rica achieved carbon neutrality. With a 25% mortality rate of trees, the same metric used in the 2012 analysis, the campus far surpasses carbon neutral status, offsetting a total of 77.99 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. However, if the mortality rate is higher than our assumed 25%, the carbon neutrality status of the campus is unclear. The campus biodigester, which did not exist at the time of the previous analysis, offsets an estimated 24.06 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. Reduced propane consumption on campus has aided our efforts in limiting emissions. Between the 2012 analysis and the 2014 analysis, annual carbon emissions from propane consumption fell from 19.06 tonnes to 13.10 tonnes, a decrease of 31 percent. Although the results of this carbon neutrality study are not exact, they provide a good estimation of how the campus is progressing in terms of its goal of being carbon neutral. Using the same model year after year enables the campus to track its performance consistently while allowing new projects to be easily incorporated. As the campus plans to expand the reforestation project and continues to reduce campus emissions to the extent possible, UGA Costa Rica will be able to remain carbon neutral for years to come. 86+6+1L UGACR’s 2014 Carbon Offsets by Percent Reforestation Program 86.70% Campus Biogas Digester 6.40% Farm Biogas Digester 5.70% Waste Treatment: Recycling Waste Treatment: Composting 1.00% 0.20% (25% Tree Mortality Rate) 86.70 percent of the UGACR campus carbon emmissions were offset by the reforestation program. 22 University of Georgia Costa Rica