The University of Georgia Costa Rica 2014-2015 Sustainability Report UGA Costa Rica 2014 - 2015 Sustainability Report - Page 2

Contents Introduction 04 UGACR Advisory Boards 06 Letter from the Office of Sustainability 07 Welcome Letter from UGACR Director 08 2015 Sustainability Goals 10 Introduction Sustainability Goal Achievement 14 Resource Efficiency 20 Carbon Neutrality 24 Sustainable Agriculture 27 Biodigestor Research Feature 28 Education and Training 32 General Operations 34 External Certification Further Steps toward Sustainability 36 Social Sustainability 38 Solid Waste 40 Soil Ecosystem Services 43 Discover Life Moth Research Feature 44 Water Quality Research Feature 45 Bird Migration Research Feature Conclusion 46 Conclusion 2 University of Georgia Costa Rica This report is dedicated to our UGA Costa Rica campus staff member, our sustainable agriculture teacher, our neighbor, and our friend – Alvaro Vega Anchía Se dedica este informe a nuestro compañero del personal de la UGA Costa Rica, nuestro profesor de agricultura sostenible, nuestro vecino, y nuestro gran amigo – Alvaro Vega Anchía