The University of Georgia Costa Rica 2014-2015 Sustainability Report UGA Costa Rica 2014 - 2015 Sustainability Report - Page 11

As a nation, Costa Rica is a noteworthy example of environmental restoration and regeneration and striking a balance between environmental, economic, and social needs. taken towards protecting its natural capital reserves. The Food and Agriculture Organization’s Forest Resources Assessment estimates the country as a whole has rebounded to about 50% forest coverage. Such a committed protection of forested land has been made possible in part by the tourism industry, which is one of Costa Rica’s largest sectors and continues to flourish in regions of particular ecological importance, notably Monteverde. Revenues from nature-based tours and ecolodges help solidify conservation and development efforts. As a 30% Thirty percent of the land on the UGA Costa Rica campus is used as farm and pasture land. nation, Costa Rica is a noteworthy example of environmental restoration and regeneration that strikes a balance between environmental, economic, and social needs making it an ideal locale to establish a campus rooted in principles of sustainability. The UGA Costa Rica (UGACR) campus is nestled in the Monteverde region of the Puntarenas Province in northwestern Costa Rica. Due to its geographic location, the Monteverde region receives a steady supply of clouds and moisture that support an abundance of flora and fauna. On a smaller scale, UGACR is housed within the San Luis Valley, which includes the small communities of Alto (Upper) and Bajo (Lower) San Luis. The two agrarian, mountain communities primarily cultivate coffee and dairy products and together Ally Hellenga Ally is a senior at the University of Georgia who is studying public relations. Ally’s passion for sustainability began after she studied abroad in Costa Rica in the summer of 2014. In order to expand her knowledge and passion for sustainability initiatives, she began interning at the UGA Office of Sustainability. Ethan Trotz Having graduated in 2015 with a B.S.E.S. in Environmental Economics and Management from the University of Georgia’s College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, Ethan is now attending law school at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. 2014 – 2015 Sustainability Report 11