The UAP National President's Report The UAP National President's Report - Page 57

This will be another service UAP brings to its members so they can interact and eventually collaborate to learn more about different practices in the profession. ARCASIA has now grown to be a potent force to reckon with, tackling Asian concerns on the practice of architecture. They now have a solid and strong architectural institute in 21 Asian countries, sharing linkages and attracting many new architects firstly to become active in their own institute and to be more aware and participative in ARCASIA undertakings. It is the aim of architects in ARCASIA and UAP to always be of service to the people. Hope- fully, we will be seeing more of the population in Asia getting more Asian architects for their projects. (The writer is the current national president of the United Architects of the Philippines and the first national president coming from Mindanao. He has been in the Private practice for more than 33 years and is a Fellow of the UAP. He is also the first Asean architect and APEC architect coming from Davao City. He is a graduate of B.S. Architecture from the University of Mindanao and is also a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Architects Singapore.) 2018-2019 Annual Report 57