The UAP National President's Report The UAP National President's Report - Page 44

8th apec architect central council meeting Architecture as a profession is facing new challenges brought about by glo- balization and technological advancements. There are tremendous challenges and pressures to justify our relevance. In the light of the current global down- turn economic survival takes precedence over any other luxuries. Some con- sider Architecture as a luxury one can do without at this point. This is a fallacy. Architecture and the built environment are relevant and crucial for our future. Architecture as part of the urban environment represents a specific and major identity of the place and citizens as it shapes our habitat, shelter and also our physiological well being. It contributes to economic development, employment and social integration. Architecture promotes the quality of life and cultural diversity. 44 2018-2019 Annual Report The APEC Architect Project was instituted to establish a mechanism to facilitate mobility for architects for the provision of professional architectural services in participating APEC economies. Architects who meet the criteria set out by the relevant authority may ultimately apply to be listed in the APEC Architect Register. Last October 2018, UAP attended the 8th APEC Architect Central Council Meeting in China. The Philippines is tasked to serve as Council Secretariat for Year 2019 and Year 2020 and set to host the 9th APEC Architect Central Council Meeting in Manila next year.