The UAP National President's Report The UAP National President's Report - Page 28

tRANSFORMING UAP The transformation of UAP requires the transformation in our culture, the way we see and do things. We need a culture that fiercely values excellence and brings out the very best in our members. Within such a culture, we recognize outstanding individuals and help our colleagues to excel because this raises overall quality and standards. Within such a culture, we are keen to collaborate across disciplines because by doing so, we are more likely to do something exceptional. #GetAnArchitect Campaign As the voice of Filipino architects, the United Architects of the Philippines embarks on an advocacy campaign to bring to life the role of architects as thought and action leaders in improving our cities, towns, and neighbourhoods. Architects are a diverse group with diverse strengths and skills. Collectively we are a strong force for posi- tive change. Working together, and through our networks of relationships with public officials and community leaders, we are well-positioned to advocate for the many important issues that affect us and the communities in which we live and work. 28 2018-2019 Annual Report