The UAP National President's Report The UAP National President's Report - Page 18

30 JUNE 2018 Kalig-on: The 2018 UAP Inaugural 24 UAP Makati Ayala Triangle Chartering at The Peninsula Manila Hotel, Makati City 30 UAP Manila Illustrado Chartering at 9 SPOONS, The Bay- leaf Intramuros, Manila 10 UAP Kublahi Tarlac Chapter Chartering at The Aquino Center and Museum Luisita San Miguel Tarlac JULY 2018 JULY 2018 OCTOBER 09 JULY Official Signing of MoA among UAP, PIID, & Nippon Paints 2018 14 UAP South Cotabato Koronadal Chartering at Da Farm Convention Hall, katurturn Hills Coronal City Oath Taking of New Registered Architects for June 2018 Architecture Licensure Examina- tion at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), CPP Complex, Pasay City 01 2018 18 AUGUST Official Signing of MoA between UAP and The Manila Times 2018 AUGUST 2018 2018-2019 Annual Report 18 2018 24 JULY 11 OCTOBER World Architecture Day 2018 Celebration 2018 OCTOBER 2018 Official Signing of MoU between UAP and NLEX Corporation