The True Health Journal March/April 2017 - Page 7

How the Ancient Science of Agnihotra Can

Boost Your Health, Your Garden,

And Neutralize Pollution

By Mary Esther Gilbert, ©2017, All Rights Reserved

What is Agnihotra?

Agnihotra is a sacred tradition, an ancient gift to humanity passed down from the Rishis of ancient India (Agnihotra Ash, 2012). “Agni” meaning “fire”, and “hotra” meaning “healing”, Agnihotra is an ancient Ayurvedic practice derived from ancient Vedic sciences of bio energy (renewable energy derived from biological sources), agricultural Homa Organic Farming (Homa meaning “healing”) and medicine, and climatic cleansing via climatic engineering (known as Yajnya) through the neutralization of particles at the subatomic, quantum level. Vedic sciences comprise the most ancient body of knowledge known to humankind (Pathak, n.d.).

Atmospheric and Environmental Effects of Agnihotra

Utilizing biomaterials in a process that improves toxic atmospheric conditions through the agency of fire, Agnihotra utilizes a very specific method using very specific raw, organic materials that together harness cosmic energy. This combination and synergistic effect has long been observed and understood through various sciences: pyramidology, the biorhythms of nature, particularly during the floods of energy streaming from the sun at sunrise and sunset, and sonic energy, the science of sound vibration or resonance.

The beneficial atmospheric, environmental and health effects as the result of creating the Agnihotra “healing fires” and their ashes have been measured and scientifically tested through many studies throughout the world to determine the validity of this ancient Vedic technology, and has been verified in practical application that it can correct the many varied adverse conditions that disrupt the growth of healthy plants in food production, such as acidic soils. Preserving the micro ecology in the 15 cm of topsoil on Earth is critical for humankind’s survival and thriving as a healthy species (Prathak, n.d.).

The Agnihotra process of atmospheric purification, when repeated for two weeks twice per day, in alignment with the various aforementioned scientific principles, has the cumulative effect of reducing total microbial load and other “Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter” (RSPM) in the air, removing toxic, polluting substances from water and soil, and therefore results in an unparalleled healing phenomenon in people, plants, and all living things exposed to it up to a 20- kilometer radius. (Fernandez, 2007).

Cigarette smoke particles are normally positively charged when measured with an instrument that measures the level of electric charge in the air, which lessens the negative ions. However, the smoke of an Agnihotra fire resonance point registers an increase of negative ions (Prathak, n.d.).

“Agnihotra is considered an antidote to massive POLLUTION of our earth and our minds. It can patch up the ozone hole, cure persistent disease epidemics and remove harmful radiation and radioactivity (such as from the Chernobyl nuclear plant catastrophe). Moreover, when used in agriculture, greater productivity and profits, as well as superior quality of produce, are achieved. There are many scientific studies that point to the effectiveness of Agnihotra and it is already practiced in many parts of the world aside from India. These include Australia, South and Central America (Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Panama), Europe (Poland, Germany, Spain), and USA.” (Fernandez, 2007).

Also referred to as Homa Organic Farming, Agnihotra has been shown to improve the growth of plants in an agricultural environment, dramatically improving the environment by healing disease-ridden crops, restoring healthy soils, increasing the nutrient content, taste and attractiveness of crops, and increasing production beyond all other agricultural methods. The Homa practice of Agnihotra is the most basic form of Homa techniques, and can be applied to enhance organic, regenerative food production methods and restore their environments to optimal levels of health and Read more...