The True Health Journal March/April 2017 - Page 6

How Harmful Are Ingredients In Your Personal Care and Other Products You Use Daily?

By Mary Esther Gilbert, ©2017, All Rights Reserved

Consumers may think the products they use are safe, but since 1938 when the cosmetics industry was granted self-regulation, it meant

that government approval for safety and effectiveness claims were not required.

Also, about 25,000 synthetic chemicals contained in various commonly used consumer products have not been tested for

adverse side effects or long-term health


One is easily

exposed to over

200 chemicals per

day that have been

found to be

carcinogens, and to disrupt hormones that regulate all body systems, including those that control reproduction and physical and mental development, and that damage the brain and nervous system.

A great variety of toxic ingredients are contained in consumer products, including hair and skin care, personal hygiene products and cosmetics, and household cleaners and other products. Those toxins are absorbed through the skin and enter the capillaries (the

smallest blood vessels), and are then dispersed throughout the entire circulatory system, or they are inadvertently inhaled and enter the system through the lungs, adversely affecting oxygen delivery to all cells (the subunits of all life) in the body.

The skin is the

body’s largest

organ. It serves as

an important

immune defense

barrier and is one

of the body’s

channels for

eliminating waste. Harmful petroleum-based ingredients

accumulate in the skin’s fatty tissues and destroy the vital protective fatty coating that surrounds nerve cells. Those synthetic

chemicals also can clog and block other filtration, detoxifying and circulatory systems and elimination channels such as the kidneys,

lymph nodes and lymph vessels.

Such toxins also

can damage large

and small blood

vessels all the

way down to the


capillaries by

forming hardened plaques. Petroleum based or synthetic chemicals can also disrupt hormone production by blocking the circulation within the body’s glands, or disrupting their endocrine and regulating, monitoring functions. [Get pics of these.]

Furthermore, many processed foods also contain some of the same synthetic chemicals. Some are used as preservatives, stabilizers and artificial colorings, yet are found to damage organs, various tissues and interrupt the body’s cellular biochemical processes, including impairing normal cell reproduction, growth and repair.

If you were to check the ingredients of any consumer product you used today, chances are high that you would find some or perhaps all of the ingredients Read more...

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