The True Health Journal March/April 2017 - Page 4

The Making of An Athlete—A Holistic Perspective

By Mary Esther Gilbert, ©2016

When I reached adolescence, I looked forward to my body’s development so I

could have a nice figure like other girls because, like so many young women, I

thought it would give me more confidence. In the later teen years, I actually

wanted to have a figure like the action comic book character, Wonder Woman,

who was powerful and strong, yet feminine.

If I had participated in sports more seriously or dedicated more time in the

dance arts during those high school years, this would have been a different story.

The fact that many girls were shapely because they were more physically fit and

better at sports because of their fitness building activities just hadn’t dawned on

me yet. In my ignorance and naiveté, I did not recognize that muscle development

is the key to a firm and shapely figure, a healthier metabolism, and is the secret

to lifelong youthfulness.

All throughout my teen years, I was painfully embarrassed by my skinny, bony

legs, fat waist, flat rear, flabby arms and back, and became more and more

self-conscious about how out of proportion my figure was. I had no idea what

the potentially transforming effects of exercise could do that went far beyond

any preoccupation with physical appearance. I didn’t know how much being

optimally and authentically healthy could change one’s total outlook on life.

Little did I know at the time that in order to transform myself from a little weak

waif with a fat waist to a more capable and athletic young woman, it would take

hard, consistent work through the kinds of physical exercise which actually yield

results. I didn’t realize that the kind of figure I wanted would only come about

through regular, challenging muscular work. I also didn’t know that the body’s

need for biologically correct nutrition played a crucial role in the development

of a strong body and that having a shapely figure was a mere side benefit.

In my journey toward greater maturity that life experiences inevitably teach a person, I would later realize that looks alone should not be the main focus of anyone’s desire to be attractive, for lasting attractiveness includes, of course, a timeless combination of virtuous and positive human attributes. Such human attributes naturally emerge when borne out of health vibrancy, as countless biochemical shifts occur at the cellular and molecular levels, while at the quantum energy level, the body’s energy field increases the rate at which its atoms vibrate when in such a higher state of physical health. Thus, a sound body sets the tone for a sound mind and elevates the human spirit.

The health and life transformations I continually observed for over three decades in professional practice is the result of applying the tenets and principles of true health I had discovered and passed on to my clients, students and audiences. In a more advanced state of physical health, sharpened mental ability and elevated spirit, such body fine-tuning sets the foundation for more meaningful self-growth and a happier life, with the added benefit of improved physical capacity. I learned that getting “in shape” means focusing on what the micro world of human cells actually need to optimize whole body functioning and physical performance.

As an advanced athlete, what better way to improve your performance and competitive edge than by putting your body in such an optimal biochemical state and prevent having setbacks or retiring way too early because of preventable injuries or chronic inflammatory Read more...