The True Health Journal March/April 2017 - Page 3

The True Health Journal Mission Statement

“To master true health vibrancy; heal, awaken, become most alive.

To create and innovate; discover higher human potential.

To pursue scientific truths: share knowledge, live purposefully.

To realize humanity’s part in the greater ecology, practice holistic health.

To cooperate with universal natural laws; respect the body and the Earth.

To nourish the human spirit: practice peace, kindness, gratitude and love.

To ascend; sustain a regenerative, ecology-minded, enlightened civilization.

To promote the balance of life; prevent life and Earth extinction practices.”

From the Editor

Dear Subscriber Member,

People al over the country and the world are scrambling for protecting the right to health care, petitioning and rallying for human and animal rights, the environment and Earth’s billion year-old legacies of rich life abundance and fertility.

People are fighting for the right to safe food and clean water, the right to clean energy, which access is being threatened by mega industries apparent indifference of whom and what harm they cause. The battle goes on against political and governmental and corporate corruption; the list goes on and on.

Life on Earth is being threatened toward rapid extinction as the environment is in danger and climate change seriously affecting the food supply, and there is a sense of panic, protest, anger and sedition in the air about the new White House occupants.

The spirit of America is dying as the divide-and-conquer routines of government and industry behaviors impact the overall morale of its citizens and endanger human beings as a species. The sense of pride in America among the population has eroded along with their states of health; birth defects, genetic abnormalities, intelligence of human beings are populating the masses with each generation. Pollution is out of control, choking off wildlife on land, air and sea.

So where do we begin to solve the problems of today without having to, like children begging for permission from an indifferent parent, make futile attempts at maintaining a true democracy and reeling in corruption? Are protests, rallies and floods of signatures and phone calls to your local senators and representatives really all that effective in enacting change? These acts of frustration born out of fear work to a point, only to be backslid by corporate muscle pushing their profit-motive agendas without regard to the health of life on Earth and its fragile atmosphere.

The answer lies within every single individual. Since the universe is infinitely small and infinitely and unfathomably large, and the inner universe within we human beings are somewhere in between, it makes sense to begin correcting the environmental pollution and imbalances out of sync with nature’s universal forces at work that maintain equilibrium in the body, planet and the universe. Since it is the actions and choices of human beings that created the maladies of the Earth and all that dwell on it, it follows that the critical imbalances within the inner world of the human body extend to the surrounding environments.

Over the years, in witnessing the physical health transformations of clients, students, family, friends and business associates when applying the health-improving protocols through which I guided them, there is one common side effect: the elevation of the human spirit and a sense of a downloading of new perspectives about one’s purpose in life. And there is an automatic awakening of caring for the state of the world, and wanting to do something to help make it as vibrantly healthful as they have become.

In making those critical health management and life changes, in their new health vibrancy, they become powerful individuals capable of far reaching influence toward a cleaner, fertile and abundantly alive world once more. The massive true health movement has been building momentum for decades, and there is no stopping it now that the world is in trouble. People are reducing their polluting ways in the final hour of human existence; if we hurry and curb our polluting ways, inside and out, we just may make it as a species, and we just may have some semblance of a livable planet to pass on to our children and their children.

As a True Health Journal Member Subscriber, you have the chance to make a phenomenal difference in the condition of this planet. Apply what you learn here, and your inner universe, which is a replica of the entire universe and intricately connected to every living thing and human being on the planet, will become the solution that will have saved you from the downward spiraling trap of degenerative disease, and at the same time, save our world from a most tragic, preventable demise.

Let’s make a difference, you and I, and make every health and environmental choice count, for those same choices can heal the soul of humankind and therefore heal the planet.

With much love of humanity and this precious Earth,