The True Health Journal March/April 2017 - Page 16

is impossible. Without full range, whole nutrition, you can never reach your greater health potential and therefore your greater physical potential, nor experience the many joys of being fit.

Whenever I go hiking, for instance, my years of dedication to my own physical fitness comes in handy as I can hike for miles on steep inclines and I have strong legs and knees to negotiate rough terrain. Grueling uphill running is still possible, as my cells shift into high gears to which they are accustomed. The mental mettle is still there as I am used to pushing myself as I have in the endurance feats demanded in the martial arts, which stemmed from the tough, “I can” mental attitude and focus I learned through weight training. But I must emphasize, yet again, that without daily whole, full range nutritional density, no training progress from the beginner stages to the advanced levels of fitness would ever have been possible.

To think that it all started with trying to ride a bicycle to work, in which I was in absolutely no shape to do back then. The average person wishing to improve their health and avoid the various degenerative health conditions so common today should at least be able to ride a bicycle, or swim or do a fast-paced walk, and maintain enough flexibility and muscular strength to push, pull and lift objects without injury, and still have enough energy to engage in other work or lead a vigorous, socially active life.

Making fitness and whole nutritional density as much a natural, regular part of your life as brushing your teeth is how you stay strong and youthful well into advanced years without fearing for your health. While many former exercisers and athletes have been forced to stop or retire due to suffering with chronic injuries that linger for years, you can sidestep all that physical misery, discouragement and disappointment.

Through providing your body with the very elements and substances of which it is composed, and with the right stimulation, you can bring your body back to life and allow it to restore its capacity to heal and regenerate its tissues. Through consistent nutritional completeness, you can heal more rapidly from athletic injuries or strains on overused tissues, maintain a higher level of fitness or meet the challenges of higher athletic performance with minimal and temporary or no setbacks.

In my thirties and forties, I had acquired a healthy amount of confidence in my physical abilities, but realized my children and I could benefit from self-defense skills that enabled us to protect ourselves should the need ever arise. My son and daughter were already growing up amidst many types of physical fitness activities and were quite well nourished. They were very enthusiastic about the idea of learning martial arts, so this activity became supplemented amidst their gymnastics, swimming, bicycling, rollerblading and other regular outdoor activities. I felt that some serious self-defense training would be the best way to further enhance our fitness skills and exude a general “unlikely victim” demeanor to any potential attackers or bullies, so we joined the ranks in the martial art of Kajukenbo. My son and daughter were students in this martial art for two years before I finally jumped in and joined them—I just couldn’t resist.

Little did I know when I first enrolled my kids that I would discover one of my life passions. The five-discipline martial art known as Kajukenbo integrates karate, judo, jujitsu, kenpo and Chinese kickboxing; later, I also studied Arnis Kombatan, the combative sword and other weaponry martial art that originated in the Philippines. As I progressed in the martial arts where others had dropped out, I realized I was able to remain dedicated to these arts because I was physically, mentally and spiritually ready to take on the years of highly disciplined training and constant practice required to achieve those intricate skills. Although I do not imply that I have exceptional talent for the martial arts, the passion for it is there, and the pure enjoyment and stress relief it offers has been much appreciated.

Many women and in fact many men don’t seem to believe they are capable of training in the martial arts, which is unfortunate since these ancient arts offer so much in the way of more complex physical skills,