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Issue 2 Volume 1 __________________________________________________________________________

From the Editor

This Issue:

Ancient Healing Technologies

How the Ancient Science of Agnihotra Can

Boost Your Health, Your Garden, and Neutralize Pollution


The Human Digestive System: Turning the Right Foods into Energy; Absorbing Their Nutrients to Thrive

Fitness/Sports Nutrition

New Book: "Eating for Physical Power and Stamina"

The Making of An Athlete—A Holistic Perspective

Health Tidbits

Food - Meals, Recipes

Superfoods Snack Combo


Questions About EPA-Monsanto Collusion Raised in Cancer Lawsuits

Permaculture--The Last Hope for People and Planet?

Health and Healing

Just How Harmful Are the Ingredients In Your Personal Care and Other Products You Use?

Alcohol - Total Systemic Effects on the Body

News: Economy, Education, Legislation

Questions About EPA-Monsanto Collusion Raised in Cancer Lawsuits

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