The Tribe Report 5. The Non-Desk Worker Issue - Page 8

REACHING NON-DESK WORKERS (AND EVERYBODY ELSE) WITH PRINT BY TYLER HARGROVE Embassy Suites has a strong internal culture based on providing an exceptional guest experience. Their internal rallying cry is to Make a Difference, and the culture supports that goal in terms of making a difference for team members, guests and the community around them. With 213 locations spread across the country and beyond, Embassy Suites reinforces that culture and their values through an internal magazine, printed and distributed chainwide as well as posted in digital format on their employee intranet. The Atrium, named for the open-air atrium found in all Embassy Suites hotels, focuses on a different cultural theme in each quarterly issue. For frontline team members who don’t work at computers ­ from kitchen crew to housekeepers — the magazine — provides a crucial connection to the overall brand, beyond the specific property where they work. Embassy Suites Director of Brand Culture and Internal Communications Amanda Davis serves as editor of The Atrium. She opens each issue with a letter discussing the theme for the issue and how it relates to the company’s culture. Being able to see a photo of Davis and hear about the brand in her voice creates a more personal connection with employees and encourages dialogue. Quarterly themes have ranged from Leadership to Innovation to Growth. Regular articles include the GM Roundtable, featuring best practices from some of the brand’s top performing General Managers; Checking In, offering insights from business leaders outside the hospitality industry; and the Team Member Spotlight, showcasing employees from a wide range of job functions and geographies. The Spotlight not only communicates how certain team members are living the Embassy Suites values, but also serves as a motivational tool. It provides a visible demonstration that senior leadership is committed to recognizing employees and showing appreciation for their good work. Non-desk employees particularly enjoy this feature, as it often highlights team members in positions similar to theirs. By making the publication relevant to all employees regardless of level or location, Embassy Suites is able to better connect their entire workforce. Employees that may not have access to a computer are able to receive consistent information about the company and its culture and also read about their fellow employees. “The Atrium is a great example of how Embassy Suites is committed to the internal culture and to connecting employees with the brand,” said Davis. “With every employee receiving the publication, it is our way of ensuring that each team member is able to learn about what we’re working toward and how they can play their part.” TAKEAWAY Non-desk employees want to know what is going on with the company and how they can make an impact. By having a regular communication piece reaching all employees, you can better connect your entire staff with the company’s vision, mission and culture. 8 | TRIBE REPORT