The Tribe Report 5. The Non-Desk Worker Issue - Page 7

“When we get communications requests, we have to look said, ‘You Asked, We Listened.’ Our Personnel Managers at it and decide if it’s relevant for our associates at that noticed right off the bat, and we received a lot of positive time,” said Mills. “The upcoming holidays are a great feedback from them because they knew it was added as a example. As stores get busier, we need to understand that result of their comments.” our associates are spending their work hours taking care of customers. Sometimes that means we need to say ‘no’ to the home office shifting priorities for the company or the store.” Although the feedback Walmart receives online has led to some great ideas, they realize offline face-to-face conversations are something the company should always value. When deciding who gets what communications when, Walmart decided early on that there “Another way we get feedback from our associates in would be no difference in delivery methods the field is though councils,” said Mills. “My team based on full- or part-time employment. manages a store manager council which consists of high-performing leaders who represent their associates, “Our communications are targeted to specific positions peers and other leaders. If Walmart has a new idea they so it doesn’t matter if an employee is full- or part-time,” want to put into action, we reach out to these councils to explained Mills. “If you’re in apparel, you need to know help us better understand barriers and concerns as well what’s important in apparel.” as how our associates will react.” Mills mentioned that when Sam Walton founded the Mills summed up Walmart’s approach to communicating with their non-desk workers this way: company, one of the things he taught each employee was to listen to associates and hear what they have to say. To stay true to this, Walmart makes an effort to keep every communication open for two-way conversations between employees and management. “We put feedback loops in every communication channel so associates can comment and share their thoughts,” said “Our associates are the pulse of the company and we have to stay connected to them to understand the implications of our communications and decisions. In a nutshell, that’s the Walmart U.S. communication team.” Mills. “A great example of this is our ‘Leadership Weekly’ communication channel. It’s emailed out every Friday at noon and most departments have their own sections we call ‘Focus Points.’ This section highlights things each department will need to know for the upcoming week.” “The Personnel Managers at stores were reading ‘Leadership Weekly’ and noticed they didn’t have their own section. To try and change this, they started TAKEAWAYS + Rifle your communications to specific positions in your company + Understand how employee workloads factor into delivery times for communications + Seek employee feedback to fine-tune communications commenting in the feedback loops. After about three or four of their comments, we worked it out and decided to add a section in just for them. However, before we launched it, we sent out a teaser email saying it was coming, and when it launched, we created a logo that ()]%9QH