The Tribe Report 5. The Non-Desk Worker Issue - Page 6

BEST PRACTICES BY KARA BULLOCK BIG BOX COMMUNICATIONS So how does Walmart — the employer of one percent of the working population in the United States — reach out and connect with so many non-desk employees? It starts with identifying the goals of the communications department itself. “We help our associates do their jobs quickly and efficiently right person versus shotgunning it and sending out mass so we can deliver great customer satisfaction,” said Lee communications to different people who may or may not Anne Mills, Senior Director, Associate Communications have a role in execution.” for Walmart. “That’s the mission of our team. When you drill it all down, the internal communications department Mills went on to explain how Walmart reformatted the is here to enable execution.” information being delivered. One of the ways Walmart does that is by targeting their “We put our communications in single-page templates communications to specific positions throughout their that tell our associates, ‘Here’s a summary, here are the U.S. stores. actions we need (because they’re operators and need to execute) and if you have any questions, the information “If we have a message that only needs to be delivered to a is below.’” certain group of people, we try to be more effective in that delivery by doing what I call ‘rifling’ our communications,” Even with their current model, deciding when and how to explained Mills. “We try to get the communication to the 6 | TRIBE REPORT deliver these communications is a challenge in and of itself.