The Tribe Report 5. The Non-Desk Worker Issue - Page 19

By letting employees opt, in you are putting the control in their hands. In Tribe’s recent research study, we heard over and over again how non-desk workers would like more company communication. Providing them a tool like an app gives them the opportunity to communicate with the company without all the headaches of having to create user accounts for intranets and email when there’s often fast turnover and cost associated with setting up those accounts. When thinking about an app, there are two different ways to approach it. The first would be a completely custom-designed app from the ground up. This isn’t as scary as you think — or as expensive. As technology advances, the costs to build an app are dropping rapidly. The second would be using out-of-the-box software that in most cases you could tailor to the specific needs of your company. Before you decide the right approach for your company, it’s important to think about the features you’re looking for. Some other things to think about are security and scalability. These are just a few of the great out-of-the-box tools available, and in most cases you can find a tool to meet your needs. If you can’t, then it’s worth developing one. Like I said before, it’s not as scary or as hard as you think. Divide your app into three steps: content, design and development. Then ask yourself where you might need help along the way. If you’re lucky, you have internal departments that can help with each step. Never underestimate what you and your people can get done. If you don’t have the resources, then that’s what we’re here for. Regardless of your approach, it’s important to keep in mind your goals for the project. Having a vision of what you want to achieve at the outset and carrying those goals through your execution is an important barometer that will confirm whether the development process is heading in the right direction. SOFTWARE FOR MICROSITES Once you know all the facts, it’ll be much easier to determine the right solution for you. If you’re looking for a top-level communication tool to send information to employees, Red e App might be just the right app for you. According to the website, “Red e App bridges enterprise communications with the mobile generation to establish a secure and uncluttered channel for actionable communication in real time.” It’s an outof-the-box solution with a lot of great customizable features allowing you to push information right to an employee’s mobile device. Another great easy-to-use tool is HipChat. It’s particularly good for communication between teams and workers in the field. It lets you communicate in real time with colleagues in mobile chat rooms and through instant messaging. Not only can you chat, you can also share files and send notifications. Best of all, it’s easy to manage with an admin that controls who can join and who can see what information. 1 Red e App (855) RED-eApp SHORTHAND “Red e App bridges enterprise communications with the mobile generation” STRENGTH “Timely and action-oriented” HipChat 2 FOUNDED 2010 CLIENTS INCLUDE Instagram, Groupon, TBS, Wired, Allstate SHORTHAND “HipChat is instant messaging built for business” STRENGTH “Runs on just about everything” WINTER 2012 | 19