The Tribe Report 5. The Non-Desk Worker Issue - Page 17

1 BRING IN A SHARED COMPUTER Consider providing a computer in a shared workspace for non-desk employees to use while on a break or when they are coming to or going from their shift. They can log on to the company intranet to read news or announcements and learn firsthand about what’s happening within the company. 2 INVEST IN AN APP Apps are a great way to provide your employees with personalized company information that they can access on their own time for information, updates or announcements. The material that is stored on an app is easily updatable with the option for the app to have fully customizable design capabilities. And the other great thing about an app is the information is measurable by impressions to discover what content employees are using the most and to HI learn what areas need to be retooled. PRINT IS THE NEW BLACK 2 LO 1 THINK ALTERNATIVE — NO, NOT THE MUSIC GENRE Printed materials might have been overshadowed by technology the past decade, but more and