The Tribe Report 5. The Non-Desk Worker Issue - Page 15

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Although all of our practice areas contribute to increasing employee engagement levels in some shape or form, sometimes we develop ideas that specifically target employee engagement and brand advocates. One way we’ve done this is by developing culture books that speak directly to employees. They outline the vision and values of the company and discuss how they play a role in everyday business decisions. VALUES AND INTERNAL BRANDING Tribe views the internal brand and the external brand as two parts of an organic whole. The internal brand, and the culture that develops around that brand, are what make it possible for a company to deliver on their external brand promise. Tribe has built internal brands from the ground up, helped refine or evolve existing brands and worked with companies to make their vision and values more relevant for employees. One way we’ve helped launch these sorts of programs is by creating an employee event that brings the internal brand and values to life. RECRUITING AND RETENTION Tribe helps companies achieve what we call Talent Magnetism©. When job candidates are considering your company, and when current employees are weighing other options, salary is not the only consideration. Increasingly, people care about finding purpose in their work, rewards beyond just their paycheck and a day-to-day work environment that suits them well. We work with companies on their Employee Value Propositions as well as programs and communications to increase both retention and passive recruiting. We’ve also created programs to help franchisees or operators identify and develop the best potential hires. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Knowledge transfer, professional performance and Tribe help build employee motivation for training and creates materials that engage and inspire. Our range of experience includes a project as simple as leading a one-day employee session to an undertaking as complex as building an entire conference, providing everything from the theme and branding to developing leadership presentations, breakout sessions and interactive workbooks. CHANGE MANAGEMENT The success of any change initiative really comes down to one thing: how well the individual employees adapt to the change. That awareness of the individual is at the heart of Tribe’s approach to Change Management. The most effective change communications are built on a foundation of respect for the individual. That means treating employees like the intelligent adults they are, as well as putting ourselves in their shoes. We often talk about the Golden Rule of Change: If you were an employee impacted by this change, how would you want to be treated? MEASUREMENT At Tribe, we recommend measuring the four phases that employees experience with any major communications initiative: Awareness, Understanding, Action and Advocacy. The first three phases represent internal stages within each individual. The final phase is where the employees turn outward, advocating to other employees and the world at large. WINTER 2012 | 15