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from their intranet to a WordPress site that employees can access outside the firewall, according to Mandy Welborn, Senior Manager of Internal Communications. “The Daily Dish newsletter will be mobile-enabled so associates can access it from iPads we have in the stores or from their personal devices,” Welborn said. “I’m really excited about this because it gives us more access and reach. We’re also investigating giving Wi-Fi access to associates in the stores, to really open this up with their personal devices.” “There’s a statement at the beginning that says, ‘By clicking this button you’re verifying that you’re on the clock.’” Many companies have concerns about the potential legal issues of employees being asked to view mobile communications outside work hours, but PetSmart has come up with a simple solution. “This is for associates to use while they’re at work, so they have to confirm that when they log in,” Welborn said. “There’s a statement at the beginning that says, ‘By clicking this button you’re verifying that you’re on the clock.’” INTERFACE Interface, the carpet manufacturer known for its sustainability goal of having zero environmental footprint by 2020, started a pilot program last year of sending text surveys to their employees’ personal mobile devices. Mission Zero goal?’ We give them a menu of options such as 1 for yes, 2 for no, 3 for not sure.” In addition to sustainability, other topics for surveys included safety, HR and other cultural issues. Gathering personal phone numbers wasn’t an issue, Brooks said, because “operations already had everybody’s cell numbers for emergencies. But we were very transparent about it and made sure they knew they could opt out if they didn’t want to participate.” The expectation was that employees would respond to the text surveys while they were at work, “although for safety reasons we ask them not to use their phones on the floor,” Brooks said. “The surveys are for when they’re on break or lunch.” Although Brooks says they thought initially that employees might be concerned about text charges, “We didn’t get any kickback for that. Apparently most people’s data plans make it a nonissue. In the beginning, just in case that was a concern, we entered anyone who answered the survey in a drawing for a restaurant gift card.” The results of these short text surveys may not offer tons of data, but it helps the communications team know which way the wind is blowing. As Brooks said: “It gives us a barometer. It lets us see where we may need to drill down a little further.” Bruce Brooks, Director of Global Internal Communications, said, “In the Americas, more than 60 percent of our employees are on the manufacturing floor. These are nonwired employees without email or access to the intranet. We wanted to give these employees a voice.” For the pilot program, “We sent three or four questions that would take maybe five minutes of their time,” Brooks said. “Like we might ask, ‘Do you feel aligned with Interface’s SPRING 2015 | 15