The Tribe Report 10. The Non-Desk Best Practices Issue - Page 11

SPOTLIGHT Not just any publicly traded retail brand has a company vision that includes the word “love” and mentions a desire for the planet to flourish. instance, is a three-day event held every three years. “In the past, we’ve had everything from drumming and dancing to Michael Franti and Ingrid Michaelson concerts to a World’s Fair with farming of the future,” said Miller. CO-CEO Walter Robb says on the company website: “Tribal But that’s part of what has put Whole Foods Market on Gathering is one of the reasons we’re a strong company. the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For list for 18 By getting everyone together, we ensure a single vision years straight, ever since the list’s origination in 1998. shared by all.” Whole Foods Market’s powerful culture and high levels of employee engagement are particularly impressive “We invite every store team leader to the Tribal Gathering,” when you consider their huge non-desk population. The Miller said. “They get great updates about the company, vast majority of their employees, referred to internally as get inspired and have chances to connect. Then they take team members, are out on the retail floor, in distribution all that energy for the vision back to their team members.” centers or working in bake houses, seafood processing and other facilities. Like most companies with large nonOf course, there’s an app for that. Last year, Miller’s team desk workforces, few nonmanagement employees have a created an event app for the festival that garnered a 90 company email address. percent adoption rate. Posting photos and updates helped build connections between team members from over 400 So how does the Team Member Communications team stores, distribution centers and facilities. Based on the connect nearly 90,000 employees and help align them success of that experiment, “we’re now hoping to roll out with the company vision? In one sense, they do it the way a team member app that anybody can access,” Miller said. almost every other company with non-desk employees do