The Trial Lawyer Winter 2018 - Page 94

ACROSS 1. The entire purpose behind all privileges. 12. According to Rule 501 of the Federal Rules of Evidence, this is the jurisdiction that determines the laws of privilege. 13. It once had a wild law making police accident reports privileged, the theory being that parties to an accident would lie less to the police. 14. Possessive case, attributive adjective. 15. Extended play 45 rpm records. 18. Timely and Appropriate (Environmental law acronym). 19. Signer of Constitution Sherman (Initials). 20. To record beforehand or in advance. 22. A term likely to arise during the course of communications between an account and a client. 23. This reverend once claimed all sorts of privileges, even some that didn’t exist, such as the privilege to evade income taxes. 24. Overdose. 26. A magnolia tree. 29. Interest in the outcome of a lawsuit. 32. Simpson prosecutor. 34. Infected. 36. Each has its own different types of privi- leges. 38. He did it to Miss Daisy. 39. Nickel. 41. Possesses title to. 43. Atop. 44. Rod-shaped or branched bacteria in the root nodules of nitrogen-fixing plants. 45. Delirium Tremens. 46. Feasibility Study (Environmental law acronym). 47. Ellis Island (Abbr). 48. What goes on there between spouses should be privileged. 50. United States Code. 52. Foolish, boring, or stupid person. 54. Something you can’t be forced to do to yourself. DOWN 1. Communications with him are normally privileged. 2. Used to express mild dismay after a privilege has been carelessly waived. 3. Master of Ceremonies. 4. Lawsuit used to express more-than-mild dismay after a privilege has been carelessly waived. 5. Just about everything electronic bears this trademark. 6. The biggest two letter word in the diction- ary. 7. Privileges belong to them, not to those whom they pay for advice. 8. Atomic Absorption (Environmental law acronym). 9. Computer term. 10. Surpass in execution or performance. 11. Powerful lobby protecting every American’s privilege to own assault weapons. 16. Object of the litigation. 17. Often confused with attorney-client privi- lege, it is more akin to a discovery rule than one pertaining to admissibility of evidence. 21. Russia (Abbr). 22. Law books that focus on treatise-like cases. 25. One purpose behind the Attorney - Client Privilege is its avoidance. 27. United Artists. 28. National Intelligence Authority. 30. Associate in Education. 31. Town in Berkshire on the Thames River. 33. Those who practice its teachings are denied one of the main types of privilege. 35. Intravenously. 37. The most common privilege-violating organ. 40. Norwegian dramatist and poet. 42. Even those few states that permit the Parent-Child Privilege would not prohibit him from testifying if parental abuse were in issue. 45. One of the four main species of evidence, often protected by the Work Product Doctrine (Abbr). 46. Federal Bureau of Investigation. 49. Where legislative privileges abound. 50. Unemployment insurance. 51. Contour Interval (Geological). 52. Semiannual. 53. Hello.