The Trial Lawyer Winter 2018 - Page 85

Most of us have our guard up when it comes to TV drug ads. We know the butterflies, sunsets and puppies are designed to distract us from terms like “blood clot,” “heart attack,” “stroke,” “seizure,” “life-threatening allergic reaction” and “death.” We realize the audio — if not the video — is actually telling us why we don’t want to “ask our doctor” about the advertised drug. Few of us, though, have our guard up for “unbranded advertising” — ads which warn us about a disease without admitting they are trying to sell a drug for it. Unbranded advertising is designed to appear like a pubic health message from the CDC and some even run free on TV and radio as “public service announcements.” Unbranded advertising has warned us we might have “Non-24 Hour Sleep Wake Disorder,” (not just afflicting blind people), “Shift Work Sleep Disorder” and of course the diarrhea and gas producing exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). With the latter, we should “not keep a lid on it” but “open up to our doctor.” The Trial Lawyer x 83