The Trial Lawyer Winter 2018 - Page 8

CONTENTS features departments MEMBER SPOTLIGHT 11 Ben Yeroushalmi TOP 40 UNDER 40 12 Paul M. da Costa RAISING THE BAR 16 Benjamin E. Baker, Jr., Andy D. Birchfield, Jr., LaBarron N. Boone, Michael J. Crow, Susan E. Huhta, Thomas J. Methvin, Michael Pasternak, John Uustal, J. Cole Portis, P. Leigh O’Dell, C. Gibson Vance, E. Frank Woodson DOWN TO BUSINESS 20 The Drastic Difference Between Legal Advertising and Legal Marketing 22 How To Use Facebook Recommendations To Help Your Practice FROM THE EXPERTS 24 New Goals For A New Year: How To Elevate Your Firm PRODUCT WATCH 28 Cutting Through The Defense Arguments On Personal Jurisdiction LEGAL BRIEFS 38 Medical Researcher Falsified Data, New Indication for Xarelto, Connection Between Valsartan and Angioedema, Motel 6 To Settle Class Action, Honda Civic Class Action, General Mills Class Action, Yahoo To Settle Data Breach Class Action, Ford Truck Brake Problems Linked To Master Cylinder Defect THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY 94 Judge Scott Skawdahl U.S. District Judge William Shubb 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 42 46 MTMP Again Shatters Records With Fall Conference The Countless Conflicts Of Interest Pushing Deadly Pills On The Public 48 FDA Moves To Make Opioid Crisis So Much Worse 52 Brett Kavanaugh Completes The Corporate Takeover Of The Judiciary 58 The Blue Wave Was Real 62 Debt Free College Could Save The Future 66 Medicare For All Could Save America In More Ways Than One 72 Capitalism Has Failed And The Free Market Is Dead 76 Ozone Layer Repairing Itself After Years Of Damage 82 Big Pharma’s TV Ads Are Now “Selling” Diseases 88 The A To Z Of Bus Accident Cases