The Trial Lawyer Winter 2018 - Page 55

BRETT KAVANAUGH COMPLETES THE CORPORATE TAKEOVER OF THE JUDICIARY By Farron Cousins They sold their soul for judges. Perhaps no quote better sums up today’s Republican Party. That line is paraphrased from a mid-November interview with conservative lawyer George Conway, the husband to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, while he was talking about his new legal organization Checks And Balances. Conway joined forces with 13 other conservative lawyers to form the organization to fight back against the Trump takeover of the Republican Party. They still believe in all the same principles and policies that Trump is pushing, they are just unhappy with the tone, the rhetoric, and the abrasive personality and bullying that other Republicans have adopted to be more like the President. And Conway believes that Republicans have let this man take over the Party because they were so desperate to pack the courts. If there’s one thing that the Republican Party understands better than the Democrats, it is the importance of the judiciary. President Obama left office with more than 100 vacancies in the federal court system. While most of that can be attributed to Republican obstruction in the Senate where they refused to allow some of his nominees to even make it out of committee for a full vote — including his Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland — there wasn’t a single instance where Democrats in the Senate or Obama himself held a press conference to discuss the disgusting obstruction that was taking place on his judicial nominees. The agenda of the Republican Party has always been transparent, even through their doublespeak and misdirection: They want to reward their corporate donors by packing the courts with corporate hacks. And with the rate at which the Senate has been approving Trump’s nominees, they have almost completed that mission, with at least two more years to continue their assault on justice. The Trial Lawyer x 53