The Trial Lawyer Winter 2018 - Page 45

MTMP Again Shatters Records With Fall Conference In October, more than 1,300 trial lawyers, paralegals, and legal services vendors arrived in Las Vegas for the Fall 2018 Mass Torts Made Perfect seminar, making this conference one of the largest in MTMP’s history. The three-day seminar focused on four areas: the business of law, the nuts & bolts of mass torts, class actions, and mass tort projects. The business portion focused on areas such as mass tort financing, digital marketing, T.V. advertising for mass torts, and much more. The Nuts & Bolts program content focused on the basics of starting a mass tort practice, including finding mass tort plaintiffs, developing a general liability case, the difference between state and federal courts, and other topics geared towards those attendees needing a real primer on starting or expanding a mass tort practice. The Class Action portion of the program gave attendees a comprehensive overview of the world of class action litigation and how it differs from mass torts, and highlighted the opportunity for lawyers who want to add class actions to their practice. The Trial Lawyer x 43