The Trial Lawyer Winter 2018 - Page 24

DOWNTOBUSINESS HOW TO USE FACEBOOK RECOMMENDATIONS TO HELP YOUR PRACTICE By Dan Goldstein Throughout 2018, Facebook dealt with scandal after scandal. It started with the politics and Cambridge Analytica. The scandals continued with revelations demonstrating Facebook’s lack of concern for consumers’ online privacy as well as how allegations that Facebook’s advertising platform enabled housing and employment discrimination. Things got worse when Facebook was sued for facilitating human trafficking. While Facebook’s PR and legal departments struggled to fight these allegations, Facebook remains the dominant social media platform, by far! Advertisers continue to use Facebook to effectively market their businesses. Through it all, Facebook remains an essential component of an effective online marketing strategy for trial lawyers. Lawyers and other advertisers 22 x The Trial Lawyer have been able to take advantage of a low cost vehicle to build brand awareness and generate cost effective leads. Organic Vs. Paid Facebook Campaigns Many businesses and law firms have invested in organic social media campaigns to stay in front of the huge number of potential clients in their markets. And, as Facebook has reduced the reach of organic posts by businesses, many law firms have added highly targeted paid Facebook campaigns to their marketing mix. Simply put, the ability to target specific demographics as well as user interests makes Facebook an ideal marketing vehicle for law firms.