The Trial Lawyer Summer 2018 - Page 94

LARGE FIRM MANAGEMENT ACROSS 1. Now permanent fixtures in all large lawfirms. 13. Windows users will pick it, click it, flick it; maybe even move it and stick it. 14. A manifestation of mutual assent with consideration, capacity, legality, and all of that other law school stuff that we were so pleased to forget. 15. Tuned radio frequency. 16. Messed up, bungled, fouled, botched. 17. Spelling. 18. Threshold Limit Value-Ceiling (Environmental law acronym). 20. Executive agreement. 21. On and on and on and on. 23. Software. 25. Suffix of comparatives. 28. Statistically, its members draw heavily from large firms. 29. Emotionally or mentally strained. 30. Once commonly used in large firms, it is no longer a proper term for “secretary.” 33. Pyromaniac. 35. Common reaction to a disk crash before the advent of Norton Utilities. 36. Pertaining to the intestines. 37. Rewrite. 39. For fans of quantum physics, it’s a form of lepton. 40. Concatenated piece of good French candy. 41. Typically, cup-shaped with a flaring mouth, suspended from the vertex and rung by the strokes of a clapper. 42. Contrary logic operator. 45. Zip code abbreviation. 46. In binary, its 0100. 48. A way of doing business for killers, muggers, and telemarketers. 49. A male name from Old English meaning “rich, happy” and “friend,” which pretty well described Meese (before his resignation, that is). 51. Linked computers (Slang). 53. Station of new associate with no high-up relatives. 55. A free program designed to excite the user into believing that it is not completely worthless. 56. Now a permanent component of every large firm. LARGE FIRM MANAGEMENT DOWN 1. Initially large lawfirms used computers primarily for billing, conflict searching, and word processing; now more programs are being employed to support the substantive aspects of this function. 2. Acronym. 3. Computer programs. 4. Prefix meaning “make it happen.” 5. Credit card disk drive. 6. Return on investment. 7. Sensuous key located at the upper right. 8. The government agency responsible for insuring our well-being, including Amtrack’s wonderful safety record (Abbr). 9. Treasurer. 10. Measure of user friendliness. 11. Receipt. 12. Abbreviation for state, septic tank, saint, statute, or stanza (Take your pick). 16. Multimedia components (Abbr). 19. Natural Logarithm (Abbr). 22. A cheapskate’s computer. 24. This coin of ancient Greece (the sixth part of a drachma) sounds like an old computer language with a letter that fell out. 26. Surpass in execution or performance. 27. Type of computer monitor now present all firms, large and small. 29. A heartbeat away from Friday (Abbr). 31. Information superhighway (still under construction). 32. A silver coin equal to 100 dinars. 34. Adjacent over hypotenuse. 35. Payment. 37. Computer code consisting of 256 8-bit characters, used for data representation and transfer by those who have infinite patience with IBM’s earlier blunders. 38. Large, troubled, financially weak law practice. 41. Bureau. 43. At the opposite extreme of People Magazine; this one is the best (next to Law Office Computing). 44. Trailer-on-flatcar. 45. A type of flip flop flag that returns a “1” if an instruction has no value. 47. One of two Boolean values. 50. Seek new lawfirm associates. 52. Suffix used principally to form nouns. 53. First person’s state of existence (Contraction). 54. Extraordinary relief (Abbr). 55. Duke.