The Trial Lawyer Summer 2018 - Page 32

DOWNTOBUSINESS THE CASE FOR COURTING LATINO LEGAL CLIENTS By Mary Ann Walker & Andy Rogers You may have encountered Latino clients, but are you actively speaking to the Latino community? Accounting for 18 percent of the total U.S. population and nearly 25 percent of millennials, Latinos are the largest minority in America, and growing. Despite this fact the Latino community is underserved and vulnerable, especially when it comes to legal services. How is that such a large segment of the population is lacking the legal resources they need? The unassimilated Latino population, largely recent immigrants, is less likely to understand the legal system, their options, or most importantly their rights. Some may even come from countries without a strong civil court system, so calling an attorney might 30 x The Trial Lawyer not occur to them — even if he or she has been a victim of someone else’s negligence. How do we combat this? By Becoming A Resource For Latinos To become a resource, you must first make sure your message is being heard. Successful ads to the unacculturated Latino demographic should have an educational component. Lawyers are specialized in the types of cases largely affecting Latinos but aren’t speaking to them. The key to growing your Latino