The Trial Lawyer Summer 2018 - Page 30

DOWNTOBUSINESS WHY BUILDING A LEGAL BRAND IS BIG BUSINESS: Is Your Firm A Brand Or A Name? By Harlan Schillinger Some of the country’s most high-profile lawyers and firms now have household names. You could argue that attorney Glen Lerner’s legal brand is not unlike like Ellen or Oprah of the talk-show world.  But do you think those brands built themselves? Making a name as an attorney does not happen by chance, overnight or without huge effort. The “magic” is called branding. And the best businesses in the world rely on this active, intentional process to support everything they do and say. In everything they do and say! 28 x The Trial Lawyer WHAT DOES BRANDING IN THE LAW SPACE MEAN? While you might know you are a great lawyer because you have extensive experience, a caseload that keeps you busy or lots of positive testimonials from former clients, you can’t count on everybody else to know that now — or ever. Prospective clients won’t know how good you are, what you stand for or why you really matter in the legal marketplace unless you do. That’s what a solidly