The Trial Lawyer Summer 2018 - Page 19

The Mass Torts Made Perfect 2018 Spring Conference drew the largest attendance ever, with more than 1300 people attending the plaintiff attorney conference and seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada. The three-day event in April drew attorneys from across the country and the world including Canada and Israel, to learn from the best and get the tools they need to improve their practice. As one of the largest plaintiff lawyer conferences in the United States, MTMP offers a wide array of topics presented by some of the foremost trial lawyers in the country. Organizing and executing such a massive conference is a team effort, overseen by Sharon Boothe, vice president of programs at MTMP. After nearly 20 years, MTMP has grown into the premier national seminar for plaintiff attorneys to learn the ropes of litigating multi-district litigation. The biannual MTMP conferences are designed to help mass tort attorneys learn real strategy and insight to help them litigate or settle their cases — information not available at other seminars where defense counsel are also in attendance — so this unique environment means the MTMP speakers can share REAL information. Single event lawyers can learn how to grow their practice to include mass tort and pharmaceutical cases. Networking at MTMP is the gold standard, and attorneys looking to partner on cases or refer cases out find MTMP to be the best place for building relationships. “We are so proud of what we have accomplished with MTMP,” said Levin Papantonio shareholder and MTMP co- founder Mike Papantonio. “We bring lawyers together and cover every topic related to mass torts and personal injury cases. We are the best at what we do and it’s important we share that with other lawyers to strengthen the overall network of plaintiff and trial attorneys. We all win when we successfully take on corporate corruption.” This spring, there were more than 800 paid attendees, 40 guests and VIPs, 300 vendors and exhibitors, and 120 speakers. The conference featured a variety of break-out sessions covering a wide range of topics, including firm management topics, such as intake, marketing, and options for financing litigation, as well as top verdicts and trends, details on specific mass tort cases like Benicar, hernia mesh, and opioids, as well as litigating The Trial Lawyer x 17