The Trial Lawyer Summer 2018 - Page 14

TOP40UNDER40 Mark S. Weinstein, Esq. Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C. • Cherry Hill, New Jersey What was the first job you had? During my senior year of high school, I interned at an intellectual property law firm in Pennsylvania. Through this experience, I had the privilege of meeting my first of many mentors and this relationship has continued to this day. What’s your proudest moment as a trial lawyer? At my former employer, I had the privilege of being selected as second-chair for a major jury trial in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the case, plaintiff alleged that his exposure to benzene-containing products caused and/or substantially contributed to his cancer diagnosis. In addition to assisting throughout the trial, I conducted the direct examination of plaintiff’s damages expert at trial. Although the case ultimately concluded shortly prior to a jury verdict, it was an invaluable experience. I attribute my success to…. My parents, mentors, and dedication to my cases. My parents raised me in a positive environment where I had the opportunity to explore my interests and passions. Also, I am driven to work hard and try to constantly improve myself regardless of my current circumstances. 12 x The Trial Lawyer It is important that I connect well with my clients, maintain positive relationship with other attorneys, and take the time to understand the nuances of complex issues. What is your most notable verdict or settlement? See No. 2. What is your fantasy job? Luckily for me, I love working as a plaintiff’s attorney and hope to get involved in environmental cases in the future. What is your guilty pleasure? Honestly, I am a fan of strawberry milkshakes. What do you like to do in your time off? I like to travel, cook, hike, and spend time with friends and family. I recently became engaged and have been enjoying planning the wedding with my future wife. What’s your favorite hobby? I am a fan of hopping on my blue Trek bicycle and going on daytrips. What’s one word that describes you? Dynamic. What keeps you awake at night? Preparing for a deposition. — NTL MEMBERSHIP NEWS & NOTES — What newspaper do you generally read daily? New York Times. What advice would you give a young attorney? I would tell a young attorney to develop a style of practice that allows them to be themselves. There is no one style that is required in order to have a successful career. I would also tell them that a great lawyer is committed to professionalism, ethics, and should strive to be fully in the present moment. With respect to one’s daily practice, there are no substitutes for taking the time to truly understand the law and the facts of the case. Outside of work, attorneys should develop healthy lifestyle habits as a healthy mind and body are of critical importance for reaching one’s potential. How do you relax? I have been practicing meditation for the past decade and firmly believe in the positive effects therefrom. I also relax by socializing with friends and family.