The Trial Lawyer Summer 2018 - Page 10

FROMTHEPRESIDENT Mark Lanier • President The Lanier Law Firm, Houston, Texas Summer Time Summer is upon us, and that can mean lots of different things to lots of us. To many in the north and mountainous regions, it means relief from cold weather! For many in the Deep South, it means oppressive heat from which we need relief. For those in year-round garden spots, weather may not even noticeably change. For most trial lawyers, summer is also a time when we can file our “vacation letters,” alerting courts that we will be out of commission for certain weeks while we vacation. Are you a vacationing lawyer? If not, I urge you to be. We live in a 24/7-access world, so a vacation isn’t as difficult on the practice as it used to be. We still get emails, phone calls, and everything else we need to stay on top of things. But that doesn’t diminish the need to take a break from work. It even enhances the need. Vacations do a lot for us. They recharge our batteries. They reconnect us with family and friends. They remind us that there is life outside of the courtroom. They give us a reason to work. I urge all my lawyers and staff to take vacations. We go out of our way to make those vacations “work” for them. I believe they boost productivity. Morale goes up. People like working at a place that values personal time and development, and the entire office benefits. 8 x The Trial Lawyer So as you’re working through your summer and your summer plans, I urge you to take some personal time. As my kids would say, “Do some vacay!” Don’t drop your responsibilities at work, but plan ahead. Grab the time that will work and get some recreation in your summer. You will find that the recreation is recreating you! Then get ready to buckle down with some good strong work. With batteries recharged, you can go out and slay dragons, large and small. You can find justice for the oppressed. You can be the judicial moral cops and enforce justice in the face of injustice. You can take care of the widows and orphans. Then at the next NTL or MTMP meeting, take a moment, let’s connect, and you tell me what you did for fun this summer! Have a great summer! Mark — NTL MEMBERSHIP NEWS & NOTES —