The Trial Lawyer Fall 2017 - Page 8

CONTENTS features 52 58 60 62 66 68 departments 72 76 MEMBER SPOTLIGHT 11 Douglas Beam — Douglas R. Beam, P.A. TOP 40 UNDER 40 12 Olga Izmaylova — Sabbak & Izmaylova, LLP OUTSIDE THE COURTROOM 13 Mark Lanier — The Lanier Law Firm RAISING THE BAR 16 Michael Hupy, Brian G. Miller 80 84 88 90 Federal Jury Awards Plaintiff $150 Million In Androgel Case, Citing Fraudulent Marketing And Product Misrepresentation Medicare For All Is Inevitable, So What Are We Waiting For? Time For Big Pharma To Pay The Price For The Opioid Epidemic If You Were Paying Attention, Then You Saw This Coming EPA Nominee Comes Under Scrutiny Drug Companies Created The Opioid Epidemic — And Trial Lawyers Are The Only Hope We Have Fraud And Treason Have Pushed Republicans To Electoral Victories Liberal Groups Must Work Together To Protect What We Hold Dearest A New Era Of Indentured Servitude Has Arrived In America Corporations Pushing Consumers Into The Arbitration Trap Mike Papantonio Releases Latest Novel Law And Vengeance, Sequel To Critically-Acclaimed Law And Disorder Public Justice Trial Lawyer of the Year Award Finalists Show Why Access to the Courts and Class Actions Are So Important DOWN TO BUSINESS 20 Law Firms Need To Prioritize Intake And Conversion: Why? 22 Why Your Satisfied Clients Don’t Post Reviews FROM THE EXPERTS 26 Understanding Law Firm Financing: Separating Fact From Fiction 30 Assisted Living Facilities Cases: What Are They If They Are Not Nursing Homes? PRODUCT WATCH 34 Determining Exactly Where, When, Why And How Medical Implants And Devices Fail 38 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cases JUDGE THE BOOK 44 Bum Luck By P