The Trial Lawyer Fall 2017 - Page 79

Trump already has in his pocket most of the construction trade’s union leaders whose members are likely to benefit from infrastructure projects — whether fossil fuel pipelines or new airports or … paving over the Atlantic. His ballyhooed support of coal extraction has considerable support from miners and many utility workers as well. But the real coup will come if Trump can tear apart alliances between the more progressive unions and the environmental community. Trump hopes to neutralize the larger Democratic-leaning unions, including those representing oil refinery workers and other industrial workers. That includes the United Steelworkers, a union that has supported environmental policies like the federal Clean Air Act and California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, and has a long history of fighting with the oil industry — not just over wages and benefits but also over health, safety and the environment. To get from here to there, Trump is hoping that environmental activists will play their part — that they will become so frustrated by his Neanderthal policies, that activists will stage more and more protests at fossil fuel-related facilities, demanding that they be shut down in order to halt global climate crisis. Oil refineries present a target-rich arena for protest. On the West