The Trial Lawyer Fall 2017 - Page 32

FROMTHEEXPERTS ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES CASES: What Are They If They Are Not Nursing Homes? By David J. Hoey, with Shawn J. Tennis contributing Our aging population is increasingly placed in the care of entities that hold themselves out as providing a level of care and security that cannot realistically be provided in the home or by family members. Care needs are too great, families live in far-off places, and the mandates of jobs and children simply prevent it. All too often, though, our aging loved ones are unwittingly placed in the care of entities that fail to do the job they claimed they could do. Most practitioners know the story when it comes to nursing homes, but care failures exist elsewhere as well. One entity that should be held accountable is the assisted living facility. This article explains what they are and how they commonly fail our loved ones. 30 x The Trial Lawyer