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call from a new client than to return a call from a person who left an after-hours voicemail. Your intake specialists in your office think the same way. Deal with what is coming at them, live now and we can call others back later when we have time. Again, if you think that is not happening, you’re kidding yourself. Understanding Intake First So how do we start changing that mindset, simplifying the process and converting more leads to cases? It’s important to understand just what makes up intake at a law firm. Intake is really anything — and everything — that comes into your office regarding new business. That could be a solid inquiry from a referral source or a cold call regarding a subject that your attorneys don’t even handle. However, one cannot discriminate leads. Every lead, whether it’s an odd inquest or instant client, costs the same amount of money to obtain. For law firms, this is typically anywhere from $150 to $300 per lead. But it doesn’t matter who they come from or where they come from. A Lead Is A Lead, Good Or Bad. You’re Paying For It! You paid the same for calls from someone in prison, a mental hospital or a seriously injured person who is still in a hospital bed. All calls — good, bad, ugly, pretty — are leads. Period. And that is why they must all be treated with respect and accountability. Understanding intake also allows lawyers to see their ROI value. You can’t just factor in the “good” calls. You must factor in all calls, because in one way or another you pay for them all. Yes, even the so-called bad leads. Conversion Comes Next Once you have a handle on the true costs of intake, it’s time to link those leads to conversion — the calls that actually turn into revenue-generating cases. Have you ever taken a case that another lawyer turned down and made a six-figure recovery? It happens every day. Why? The more leads you funnel into cases, the higher your conversion rate. The point of any smart marketing program is to increase this rate, however incrementally. That means studying about how many calls you’re getting and where they’re really coming from. You won’t know what you’re missing unless you drill down on every call to fully determine whether it’s an opportunity or not. already paid for to call your firm), you can put $200,000 to $500,000 in your pocket, net. That should get you motivated. Start tracking today. You cannot run a law firm that markets to the public without software for tracking intake. Tracking software will tell you what you do not know and cannot see about intake and conversion numbers. Record intake calls. Record every call that comes into your office and you will hear for yourself what your intake people are truly saying to prospective clients. Remember, you can’t improve something unless you can see what needs to be fixed. Use the recorded calls for training your staff. Invest in them, more! If you follow these steps to greater accountability, you’ll stop calls and potential case from falling though the cracks! Even if these tactics help you capture a single percentage point in conversion in the next few months, you’re already on the right track. You will increase your business without spending more on your advertising. You will increase your profits! Maybe we can help you. Remember, “What you don’t know, you don’t know.” Low T and Mass Tort Cases BURGSIMPSON Ranked #1 for Pharmaceutical Mass Torts - Plaintiffs - The Legal 500 $1 Billion+ in recoveries $100 Million+ paid in co-counsel fees To co-counsel or refer a case, contact Kerry N. Jardine Managing Shareholder 303.792.5595 The path to better lead conversion starts with these simple steps: Run the numbers. Actually, we’ve done it for you: If you convert two to four percent more prospects (which you have 40 Inverness Drive East | Englewood, CO | 80112 Denver | Cincinati | Phoenix | Cody | Steamboat Springs The Trial Lawyer x 21