The Trial Lawyer Fall 2017 - Page 22

DOWNTOBUSINESS By Harlan Schillinger LAW FIRMS NEED TO PRIORITIZE INTAKE AND CONVERSION: WHY? As a busy lawyer, there are an unending number of to-dos piled on your plate each day. It’s hard to know what to prioritize, especially when it comes to the marketing your legal practice. But intake and conversion are two essential elements that always pay off if you can start to put them first. You can’t have one without the other, but it’s important to focus on both to keep a steady flow of not just prospective clients, but cases that compensate. The irony is that intake and conversion remain the weakest part of 98% of all law firms that market. Why? Mostly because law firms have so much coming at them that many leads fall through the cracks. Lawyers are 20 x The Trial Lawyer seriously in denial bout their intake and conversion. They think it is good or even great. You are simply kidding yourself. “What you don’t know, you don’t know.” Lawyers tend to compartmentalize new business as a transaction. They gravitate to what’s right in front of them and narrowly focus on what clients they can sign up today. They’re often too preoccupied to take the “hard” calls that require more communication, follow up or relationship building. We all know it’s easier to take a live