The Trial Lawyer Fall 2017 - Page 15

OUTSIDETHECOURTROOM MARK LANIER The Lanier Law Firm • Houston, Texas NTL-Top 100 President Elect for 2019 Posing with his construction projects, chapel and library Tell us about your passion project, talent or hobby outside the courtroom. Wow, there are too many to fit into space allocations. If forced to choose, I would note my love to read and research. So I, and my family designed and built a library (www., which has become a home away from home (and office away from office) for me. Building the library has allowed me to stock it with books on the topic areas I find fascinating. With over 100,000 volumes, the library is full in areas of: Jewish studies; Greek and Roman studies, including the languages; Ancient Near Eastern studies, including such languages as Ugaritic, Eblaite, — NTL MEMBERSHIP NEWS & NOTES — Assyrian, Syriac, Ancient Arabian, Northwest Semitic, etc.; Christian theology; world religions; Egyptology, including ancient Egyptian languages, church history; and, of course, communication studies! It’s basically a grab bag of things I like to read and research. The Trial Lawyer x 13