The TRADE 56 - Page 91

[ A L G O R I T H M I C T R A D I N G S U R V E Y ] Liquidnet L from hedge funds in nine of the 14 categories reviewed iquidnet saw a slight increase in the percentage of in this year’s survey. The firm recorded significant hedge fund responses it received in this year’s sur- year-on-year decreases in the ease of use (down 0.87) vey. Respondents were primarily from small-to-me- and customer support (down 0.9) categories, while dium sized AuM brackets, with only one respondent its lowest ranking came in the speed category with managing more than $50 billion of assets. All but two a score of 4.9, representing a year-on-year score de- of Liquidnet’s hedge fund respondents indicated that crease of 1.09. Liquidnet’s most improved areas of per- they have increased usage of the firm’s algos over the formance were in the execution consulting (5.68) and past year, with no \H[HXܙX\H[\YK\X\ H]YܚY\X[ܙX\YB\[ۙK\]X\\و\ۙ[ZY^H\B [ YX\[ۋ^YX\\X][K][ܙY]Y][\[[H\ݚY\]\B[[H[۞[Z]H]YܞH K\]HZ[[X]X[\[\\][[X[ۈ[[Z\Y[XH\X]HHܙ\XY]Y[\YX\&\“T[\X[ۈ]Y\\\Y[[ۘ[]Y\ˈ܂\]ZY]\^K\]ZY]Y]\ܛHH\^H]\YB^X][ۈX[Y[Y[ \]ZY]8&\\ۙ[]Y\YX\[HYX[X\][\X [۞[Z]K\[\HX\UY\K[\ݙB^Kܝ\BYXB^X][ۂX\Hو\Kܛ[^X][ۈۜ[[˜[[Y]K[[ۙ\˂YX\Y\[\YYۜ\[B[\XX\]YܚY\˂\]ZY]XܙYXܙX\YYX\[ۋ^YX\ܙ\X\] N M”USԈSԒUHTԓPSBX]]BKK KLK͂L BKMB BK’[\ݙHY\X]]BK͂ B MLKMB B LYY NKLK YXHX\][\X^X][ۈۜ\[B LKNB [۞[Z]BK BXH[\ݙ[Y[K͂K BKB\Z\][ۂKNBX\Hو\Bܛ[ K \Y\\ܝ K ‘^X][ۈۜ[[K̂K L\X\KX\ܙ\][\X[]Y\ MŒ K  ˌ   K  K ˌ \YH M UYS]˘H LBKNBH