The TRADE 56 - Page 83

[ A L G O R I T H M I C T R A D I N G S U R V E Y ] Citi T among Citi respondents, with Bloomberg, ITG, Fides- he watchword for Citi in this year’s survey for sa and FlexTrade all in use. hedge funds was consistency. The investment Citi scored highest in the customer support category bank recorded the same percentage of respondents as in this year’s survey with a rating of 6.18, consistent in last year’s survey and although it did receive mostly with its score last year of 6.14, while the bank also declining year-on-year scores, these were consistent performed well in the ease of use (5.89), dark pool with the larger trends on display. Respondents came access (5.58), speed, price improvement and execu- from a range of AuM brackets, with one-third man- tion consulting (all 5.49) categories. There were some aging over $50 billion of assets, trading a variety of product classes via algorithms. There was an even split significant score decreases for Citi this year however, with respondents rating its crossing capabilities at among Citi respondents that recorded an increase in 4.51 – a decrease of 1.36 year-on-year – while there algo usage over the past year and those that saw usage were also notable decreases in the execution consis- remain the same. Just under half of respondents said Citi adopting algos fr HY][ۘ[[H[[۞[Z]H]YܚY\ ]Y KH[ K^H\HۜY\[œ\X][JK\H\HX\H\X\\HH[&\œݚY\[]\K\X[\H܈[\ݙBܝ[˂YXBٙ\[[H^X][ۂ[\ݙY \H\[[][YX\XYوSTݚY\Y\\YYY N M”USԈSԒUHTԓPSBX]]BK›X\][\Xۜ\[BKMBKBKK B MLBKLK’[\ݙHY\X]]BLB MKLKLYYK[۞[Z]B MK BK^X][ۈۜ\[B NKBKMBYXHX\][\XKLKMKLKXH[\ݙ[Y[K\Z\][ۂKBKBKBX\Hو\B LBܛ[K NM\Y\\ܝKLKB^X][ۈۜ[[KN\X\K ”X\ܙ\][\X[]Y\Œ K  ˌ   K K KN ˌ \YH M UYS]˘H  H