the torch Winter 2015, Issue 4 - Page 7

FEATURE South Africa changed my life,” Trisha says, referring to The Palace of the Lost City, a 5-star, 343-room resort that her firm designed. “There was no industry there at the time, and so we literally taught people how to do things.” During her time in South Africa, she grew to love the country’s people. So much so that she bought a home there — and built a school and health clinic. “Every year I go back, and all these little kids, who are HIV-positive or HIVvulnerable, or maybe their parents are not alive — I get to hear, ‘We love you Mama Trisha.’ I learned that education alone is great, but you have to take care of their health, too, or they aren’t healthy enough to go to school,” says Trisha, who also helped Oprah Winfrey build a school in South Africa. Trisha’s sincere sentiment for the welfare of others, both in South Africa and Dallas, truly reflects her abiding concern and generous spirit. For more information about estate gifts or other planned giving options, contact Cynthia Krause at 214.820.7928 or visit us online at www. LIFE SAVINGS, SAVING LIVES BE A LIFELINE. Leave your legacy through a bequest. 7 15