the torch Winter 2015, Issue 4 - Page 6

FEATURE Trisha Wilson estate gift will leave lasting impact on heart patients Trisha Wilson knows a thing or two about building a legacy that will last for generations. As the founder of interior architectural design firm Trisha Associates, she has designed interiors for some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, palaces, casinos, private residences, resorts ­— even 747s. More than 1 million five-star hotel rooms worldwide feature interiors dreamed up by Trisha and her team. Trisha will leave a legacy right here in her hometown of Dallas, too, through a $5 million estate gift to establish the Trisha Wilson Dist ing u ished Cha ir in Cardiology at Baylor University Medical Center. When this chair is created, it will support research, education and programmatic initiatives benefitting heart and vascular patients for many years to come. “I know a lot of people donate to cardiology causes,” Trisha said, “but I just don’t think yo ԁ