the torch Summer 2017, Issue 2 - Page 6

Margo Goodwin: Stepping down but staying close Margo Goodwin may be stepping Margo joined the board around the experience on the board, she’s ready Baylor Health Care System Foundation became president of the Foundation “Very often, topics come up over planning on remaining on the board — he sought — one of which was She’s looking forward to supporting During Margo’s tenure, the down from her role as chair of the same time Rowland K. Robinson for just about any discussion. board, but she’s not going far. She’s and was excited about the changes the dinner table with friends or at a though in a less conspicuous way. accelerating fundraising initiatives. my husband is having trouble her successor, Norm Bagwell, and Foundation launched Campaign cocktail party, and they’ll say, ‘Oh, recuperating after his heart surgery,’ and we will have just had a meeting she’s ready to give up the spotlight: 2015: Baylor Makes Us All Better, in the back of the room,” Margo goal of raising $250 million. served as the emcee of every campaign in 100 years, and it was a Margo’s Baylor connections began Margo said. “The leadership and the board. Her father was the chair of direction we needed to go, and they Medicine in Houston. Prior to that he huge impact on the service that we want and need board member’s White in Temple, Texas. Later, her Though Margo may not remain in the community is just as important,” “I’m really looking forward to sitting a comprehensive campaign with a joked. For the last three years, she’s “It was their first comprehensive on cardiac rehab after heart surgery,” Margo said. She added that this is true of just about any condition, from breast cancer to orthopedics. Having this sort of knowledge is a quarterly board meeting. very brave and necessary move,” testament to the caliber of speakers long before she joined the Foundation board could see that this was the meetings. “These are always cutting- Neurosurgery at Baylor College of exceeded their goal. It has had a practiced neurosurgery at Scott & Baylor can provide.” son, Grady, completed his residency center stage, she’ll still have plenty at Dallas and met his future wife, who care that happens at Baylor. She said Margo’s daughter and son have even stand in the checkout line at the which were born at Baylor someone who wants to talk with her at Baylor University Medical Center of chances to talk about the amazing was one of his attending physicians. it’s rare to attend FW"'G vfVW"6w&F6G&V( BfW"bw&6W'7F&RvFWB'VrF#R&vv26VBF&WB&"B&V6W6RbW FRfVFF&&B6RBW7@w&VBWW"&R26"bFP#B7'7F6&G&6P66WFVBFRfFFF@VVB&vB#b6R6&V@FR6VV'&FrvVV6Vv67W'FVB&"FFfW2FRfvBv7B'&V7B66W"BF72bV'FW&ǒ&&@VFvRVGV6FF72( ХFN( 2B'66FVB( b6W'6Rf67W'B'WBFV"Gf67&v6B( GW&rW"&&@VWFw2vRvBFvfRFVЧFVǒf&F&WBvB& 2FrFN( 2VVRBFffW&VBBvBBbVƗGFW6WV7B6VBFW"RbFV fVBW2"g&VG2WfW"VVB6&PB&"( Ю( ŖRVVBF7G&WF6Bw&rBB&Rg&BFf6V&VBFFvFWfW"BFF&W6V&6FpFRf7G2FG'Fv*66V7W<*vFfVrfVFVW'2'WBB6RFR7G&VwFbגv6f7F2( Р( B&vvGv`