the torch Summer 2017, Issue 2 - Page 14

Jamie Lee Curtis to speak at 18th annual Celebrating Women luncheon a good mom to my kids — than using my celebrity to get more exposure for a specific cause such as this.” Since the first Celebrating Women luncheon in 2000, more than $28 million has been raised to help Emmy and Golden Globe award- Baylor Scott & White Health fight best-selling author and advocate in “This is a disease that continues to winning actress, New York Times breast cancer in North Texas. the fight against breast cancer, Jamie impact thousands of families, friends, Lee Curtis, will be the featured speaker at the 18th annual Baylor neighbors and colleagues each year,” Jamie Lee Curtis said Rowland K. Robinson, Foundation president. “Thanks to the generous Health Care System Foundation Celebrating Women luncheon on Thursday, October 26, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. The announcement was shared with an excited group of Celebrating Women committee members at the Kick-Off Tea, held at the home of Peggy and Leonard Riggs Jr., M.D. Jamie Lee has appeared in such acclaimed films as Freaky Friday, Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda and True Lies, for which she won a Golden Globe Award for her performance. Among her numerous roles in television, Jamie Lee co-starred opposite Richard Lewis in the sitcom Anything But Love and the CBS telefilm Nicholas’ Gift, for which she earned an Emmy nomination. She recently appeared on NCIS and New Girl and is currently starring on Fox’s new hit series, Scream Queens. In addition to her onscreen roles, Jamie Lee is also an author of best- selling children’s books, having sold more than 5 million books under the banner Books To Grow By.  support we’ve received over the past the same terrif ying fear that cancer in our c [][]H]HX\™XHXXYX\HX\]HX^H[ݘ]]H\X\[[X[X['\H\HX[[]HH[X[\H\\[[]YH [ZYHYH^\Y[Y MYX\HY[][X\[Yو\[وY[]X[]H\KY[YX]Y[]HX\[\Y\H[ܝ^\˸'B\۸&]YYH۝X]X\ۜ܈܈H LۜX]]HYX\Y\ۈ^\Y[H]] 8'HZ\YHX\[ݙ[]B[\Z]\YHY[܈[\YX\&\[[ۈ[BHZY 8'HY^Hۈ\ۘ[ڝ\Z\[\[\ܚ][™ۙHۈHX[ ]Y\[ۘXH[\K [\H\\YX\&\•[ٝ[KHZY 8']\][\[X][H K \[ۘ]HY[\HH[\[[Y[[[ۈ[Hو\ܝ\\\[ܙX]ܜ˸'H[ܝ^\˂[Y[و][HYH[HZ\X[YH[[ۘ\Yš[^HX\ ]\\K'Hۛܘ\HZ\Y[XXYX\\Y][K]]YYH[Y[][H[X][›XHH[H]HX\[\H܈^[ܸ&\YܝYH\X\B[ZYHYH\H\ܞHو[[š\[[]\\H\\X][[Yܝ]HXˈHYYZ[X\[\\Y\[ '[H][YX]\Hو[\X\ 8'HHZY 8'܈YK\H\›[ܙH[\ܝ[ܚ8%\Y\Z[ŒM܈[ܛX][ۈX][X][Y[[M L ܈[XZ[[X][Y[X[ ܙ˂ۜܜ\[[\ܚ][›ܝ[]Y\\H]Z[XK