the torch Summer 2016, Issue 2 - Page 20

20 boa r d profile ALAN D. FRIEDMAN Dallas and Fort Worth may be separated by 40 miles and bumper-to-bumper traffic, but board member Alan D. Friedman has feet firmly planted in both cities. He has solid connections to both Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas in the east and Baylor Scott & White Health All Saints Medical Center in the west. “I know more people casually in D-FW than just about anybody,” Alan said. Alan’s sister-in-law, Joan Friedman, serves as vice chair of the Baylor All Saints board. And one of Alan’s uncles, Albert Goggins, M.D., was a cardiologist who practiced at Baylor All Saints and was a partner with Bobby Brown, M.D., also a cardiologist, who had previously played professional baseball with the Yankees and later was president of the American League. “Dr. Brown and my dad were good friends, but enemies on the tennis court,” Alan said. “Wh [YY\X\]X NYX\Y^[܈[Z[\B][H[8'HHX[Y 8'HܜY]\HۘZ]XH[^H[]H\YKx&]H[^\YHۙ\܈]][ [۝[YH\ܝ]\[\^[܈[\˸'H^[܂[Z[\H[YY\[[&\]\8%B^X\ YYX[ܙ\]H\H[] Hܝܝ]]HܘYX]YH\[ۂZYY[][Y^\\X[[]\]H܈HYX\YܙHXY[H[]\]Bو^\]]\[\]H\YܙYH[[[K'ܝܝ\H][Z[X\YK8'H[[ZY '^H[ܙHYX\H[ٙ\YU[[YX] H\[و^HYY[˸'B\[ۈ[Y\ ][[&\œ[\Y \\Y\\Y]\][ۘ[[\HH\Y][][ۂ\Y[[ˈؚ[ۋH[[H[\Y[[Y\X[X[\]K][[[X]Z\[ٙXHڙX[[\Qܝܝ[\[H[H][܈\[\[]][ۘ[\\˂'ؚ[[H]HY[Y[܈Hۙ[YK[H\[[Y\YH[\˜\ 8'H[[ZY 8'H]HH[[ۈ[\\[[[\\[]HY[Y[X\›وH[\X[\X܈H\وYX\˸'B[[\\Y[و\\ [ˋX[\š[\[\X[\]H[[\X\HڙX˂H\Y[H\YH܈H܈X\H™XY\\\ۈH[][ۈ\^H\[\H\YHوHX\H\X[[\ ][H[HX]\[ۈH^[܂[][ۈ\•H\YY][\H[ܛX]]H8%H۸&][Z\ۙK][وHY[\[BYYX[Y[[H[ܙX\[Y[]ܞH[[\]\[^\[\\[X\^[܈\œX][HY[HY Y\[B\[[\\[܈H]\K[[H\ܚXH^[܏•HܙX]\^[܈\[H\ZHHYYX[X[][[ܙYXHY\[[وܜ\\\\\[\\\ˈX]\]YYX[\YHۙHZYHX[[] ^B\HXHۛXH]Y[HY^\܂X[Hو^\Y\HYY ][H[[x&\Hܚ[’H[H[Z[K][[\[[\[[[[ˈ[[\ܙX]X]\H؛B]H[X\ۈ] [[H۸&]ۛY[H\H܈Y]] \܈KY\[x&[BX[HYY[ܙH]\[ۘ]HX]] SSQQPS