the torch Summer 2016, Issue 2 - Page 15

Chefs heat things up in Baylor Scott & White Health’s fight against diabetes In April, aspiring chefs brought the heat to the kitchen and to the fight against diabetes in the second annual Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute (DHWI) Chef Cook Off. Sponsored for the second year by ARAMARK, the Chef Cook Off highlighted healthy ways to prepare food in order to make a lasting impact on the lives of those living with diabetes. “Our relationship with DHWI and Baylor Scott & White Health is one that Aramark is proud to support. It addresses our passions of nutrition and population health,” says Shannon Heard, vice president of operations at Aramark. “We support DHWI’s mission to educate and encourage the community to lead healthier lifestyles.” The event took place at Trinity Groves and brought together executive chefs and culinary students from area colleges and the Dallas Independent School District. Groups competed using healthy ingredients to make delicious meals that are also nutritious. Stephan Pyles, founding father of New American cuisine, helped judge the competition and served as the keynote speaker for the event. Stephan has opened 21 restaurants in five cities over his career, and 16 he has authored four highly successful cookbooks. In addition, there was a live cooking demonstration by Novo Nordisk Celebrity Chef and event judge, Tiffany Derry. The Dallas Morning News food critic and author Leslie Brenner, rounded out the judges’ panel. The event benefited DHWI, which is the cornerstone of Baylor’s Southern Sector Initiative. The Institute was created to improve the health and wellness of residents in southern Dallas through diabetes education and prevention programs. Among its many programs, the facility offers access to a clinic staffed by \XX[\\\Hܙ[]ܜ[XX]\YX][ۈXX[\\[\X[B[[^\\H\\ˈXYYX][ۜ\H[]Z[XH܈[H[H\H[[[\Z][Y]X\\[XXY^K'HHYٙ\HܙX]^H[H[][]H]\\[X[H[X[H][[]][ۈYX][ۈ[H[[\]]]H[\ۛY[ 8'HZYYXH\ K YYX[\X܈وHB[Z[HX[[\8'X[HX][\œ\[[[][[XX]\[\ۚXۙ][ۜ˸'B\[X\XY\\[[ [\ۈH]Bۜܜ\Xو K ܈BY\[Z\\\YH[\[\[[\܈Y[‚܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈ[H[\ܝK۝X[^H[ۙ^H] M B܈[^K[ۙ^PX[ ܙ˂MB