the torch Summer 2016, Issue 2 - Page 11

FEATURE Angela Khan and her son, Jackson large patient population, payer reimbursement for the type of care provided by the MS Center is often less than that of other medical specialties. In general, health care providers caring for MS patients tend to spend more time with patients as compared to other specialties, yet they receive fewer reimbursements for services. Enhancements to the center would allow more MS patients to receive the same personalized care that Angela and Schmyra have grown to rely on. “The key thing I’ve learned in working with Dr. Okai is that knowledge is power,” said Schmyra, who is re-enrolled in college and working part time. “The more knowledge I have about my MS, the more at ease I am. If you don’t have that comprehensive care, you’re in the dark and miserable.” Vision for the MS Treatment Center n Providing a new clinical liaison role offer expertise and assistance to health care providers throughout Baylor Scott & White Health n Improving clinic and treatment access for patients n Offering support, education and outreach programs for patients and families n Offering access to the latest research break-throughs by providing integrated clinical trials For more information on the MS Center, please contact Tim Moore at 214.820.7877 or 11